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There are many definitions and models of leadership. But it is impossible to improve on the model that Jesus displayed in his ministry. He only had three years to begin a movement that would impact all peoples for all time, but instead of doing the obvious of large crowds and a focus on the masses, he took a rather counter-intuitive approach.

He chose a few men and began to invest in their lives and then he chose to die on a cross. Not exactly the pathway to leadership we normally consider leads to greatness. But leadership the biblical way – the Jesus way – is not only counter-intuitive, but also counter-cultural, for all of our cultures have a DNA flaw when it comes to leadership.

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Jesus taught that the way up is down; the way to have greater impact is to have greater focus; the way to lead is the way of service. This requires the transformation of the values and priorities of leaders. As Jesus said, the way that the world uses power and position is not to be the way the relationships in the body of Christ are to function.
There is a global leadership crisis and perhaps its roots can be traced to the church’s deviation from Jesus’ model of leadership. Perhaps we have been trying to use human models to accomplish eternal goals.

Our movement is intentional about rethinking how to reproduce effective leadership. Through our mentoring, coaching and ongoing consulting we are seeing teams develop among the emerging generation that are not impressed with “being great,” but committed to “going deep.” The impact of one man and a band of twelve committed to this in the first century is undeniable.

Transformed leaders lead transformed organizations; transformed organizations transform their society; and this has the potential to transform a nation. Please contact one of our Network ministry coaches if you would like to be part of this movement by becoming a coach or using our materials. If you would like to support ICM Canada, your donations will help us develop more materials and provide leadership conferences around the world.

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