About ICM

ICM Canada is a a non-profit society supported by those who believe in our values and strategy. It began in 1989 (as Global Outreach Association) by the Jeskes. In 1990, they joined two other American families in East Africa in response to the great need of leadership training in the African church. Throughout the 1990s, together with ICM USA, many in-service pastoral training programs were developed so that pastors could receive training while remaining in their ministries. This included informal seminar types of programs as well as the establishment of Africa Theological Seminary (ATS), an in-service BA in Theology. These training programs are now autonomous in most African countries under the leadership of capable African nationals.

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In 2000, Phil and Nancy moved to Berlin in response to requests for leadership training in several post-Soviet countries. This was the genesis of the Mentoring materials which have since been translated into several languages and are being used by leaders on five continents. Since then, the team has developed additional Coaching materials which is now being used by the Ministry Coaching Network team. Through MCNet, the team also provides ongoing coaching and consultation for ministries, churches, and denominations who share these similar values.

As a missions society, we are funded by those who see the need and want to make a difference in leaders around the world. Thank you for considering being part of this Network through your donation.

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