A New Perspective in Cuba

Raydel, (MCNet Cuba) – The following is a report from Raydel and Madelines, our Ministry Coaches in Cuba. Together with Javier and Mayrelis, they are accomplishing a lot with very limited resources:

The Lord has blessed us in a short time in our ministry as well as in our family in the community where we now live which is part of the city of Havana.

Since the month of January, this year, the living room of our house has been converted into a small hall to train people in the process of discipleship, mentoring and coaching. In the wake of our goal of creating a network of servant leaders, who are committed with the Gospel of the Kingdom, that will reproduce themselves in others through the process of mentoring, we have acquired part of the resources to renovate the hall where we have our training meetings.

It required one month of work, materials for workshops, blackboard, and other supplies to prepare this room for this purpose. Once more, thank you for your support and your prayers, but primarily thank you for sharing your lives and your vision with us,. This challenge that ICM has given us has really changed our vision for the work of the Kingdom and has helped us to focus on the truly important things that we invest ourselves in others so that they are developed as useful instruments in the hands of God.

Please, we ask that you pray for us that the grace of God supports us and helps us to be faithful in this work. Pray that the Spirit of God gives us boldness and the necessary wisdom to maintain our focus in the face of the temptations of the traditional models and the natural resistance of established leadership.

Raydel & Madeline

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