Building Strong Marriages in Russia

Valera and Narina are continuing to use our materials throughout their fellowship of churches in southern Russia. They were among the first to not only “consume”  but also to reproduce leaders using our mentoring, team and marriage materials. As we know, strong marriages don’t just happen. It is great to see Valera and Narina investing in the marriages of the next generation.

Dear Phil and Team,

We have been training new teams in two churches in two new cities, as well as helping to develop a new team in one of our existing main cities. Specifically there, they went through your materials of Team Building and now are using the materials to mentor other leaders.

This coming year we will be particular focusing on Bible study, using ICM’s Biblical Foundation workshop.  Every month we will be gathering people from all the churches of our Family of Churches who are interested in studying the Scripture and applying it in their lives.

In addition, we have finished the marriage course (The First Team) with the fifth couple this year and we just had two weddings. You’ll remember Veronika (the drummer) who just married  Vlad, the young man who we mentored who is now the youth leader in one of our churches and also Sergey (a friend of Oleg from the university here), who got to know you and Jesus when your team came many years ago and did some jazz music in our local pizza restaurant. He has been mentored and continues to be a leader in the church.

God bless you and your teams,

Valera and Narina

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