Church Planting in Russia

Alexey and Tatiana continue to serve in many facets of ministry in Moscow, regardless of the increasing headwinds facing the church in Russia. He recently sent the following report to our team and would encourage us to continue to pray for the Church in Russia and particularly the work that they are engaged in of training the next generation of leaders.

Dear friends,

Greetings from Moscow, Russia.

We continue mentoring the young students at our seminary program Mission and Profession, as well as in our local church and in Youth camp community. I also continue to help the Cherepovets church, where Phil and I travelled together many times. At Pastor Alexander’s request I am still travelling there as needed to encourage them in their ministry.

Beginning in October a church planting school will move to our seminary from the city of Novosibirsk in Siberia. A group of churches which have planted about 110 churches over last 15 years decided to move their church planting training program to our seminary in Moscow. They asked us to strengthen their program with basic training of a bible school. They train teams of 3-4 people who already have a vision to plant a church in a particular place.

This group of churches has developed a church planting movement, doing a lot of work in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. They have a 4-5 month training program and over the next months I hope to introduce our MCNet values and see if we can add value to their already effective ministry.


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