Church Planting in West Africa

deoDeo Mwamba is our Ministry Coach in Africa. ICM has partnered with Deo for many years and it continues to be a privilege to serve together. Recently he traveled to DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), as well as Senegal. In Senegal he continued his training with a group of church leaders, equipping them to mentor the next generation. The goal is to prepare them to lead relevant ministries as they serve others in their predominately Muslim country. (Deo is uniquely prepared to equip those in Muslim countries having been a leading Imam in Africa before coming to Christ.)

Deo writes the following after his last trip:

In July we conducted a two day MCNet (ICM’s Ministry Coaching Network) training in a town in Senegal. Some twenty-five  local missionaries from different denominations gathered together for our mentoring and coaching conference focussed on how to develop other leaders in mission with the focus on the church planting process.

The participants have made the commitment to go out to mission fields in the country through their respective church groups, where they will do evangelism and church planting among the unreached people groups of Senegal. This is a difficult mission field as it includes local populations of Animists, Muslims, and traditional sects which tend to be atheist.img_7024

Through our materials and personal encouragement we are equipping this young generation of leaders for Evangelism, Missions & Church Planting. Since many of the leaders in the villages are still illiterate, our sessions and materials in French are then translated into local languages. Thanks for your prayers and support as we continue to invest in the leaders in Senegal, W. Africa.

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