CLI -The Future of Training

For some time we have been writing about our new CLI program. This is our newest training innovation, the MCNet Christian Leadership Institute. It is the culmination of our “Intentional Relationships” series  (Discipling thru Intentional Rel. for young believers,  Mentoring thru Intentional Rel. for young leaders). We have been writing and developing this new material (Coaching thru Intentional Relationships) for several years now. While it incorporates materials we have developed over the last 25 years, it has a unique focus and target group. It is a somewhat more systematic and intense program designed to equip  those called to more full time ministry.

Yet what is really unique is how candidates receive the training. Every candidate-leader in the program will have a local mentor in their country. And instead of being purely academic based, each candidate will have a development plan based upon their level of competency (there are 8 Modules with 40 competencies). Candidates complete the program on a part-time basis while they continue serving in their ministry.

While it may be hard to get excited about a training program, we think being engaged in seeing life change in these leaders is pretty exciting. As key influences in their churches and country, equipping them impacts thousands. Currently candidates from Latin America and Russia are enrolled in the program. Each candidate and mentor logs on to the website to access all material (in Spanish or Russian) and uploads their work for evaluation. We believe this mentored competency approach, delivered online, is the future and will be our focus for the next decade. If you would like to see the website and get more info:

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