Coaching in DR

IMG_6358 smDominican Republic: It was great to be with Carlos and his team again. His team at Empowering Action has a network of five hundred churches which they provide a practical ten week course that enables the church to deal with the poverty in their community. Every three month they take twenty-five churches through the program. The Abundant Life program that they have developed does not just address the symptoms of poverty, but gets to the real issues of poverty and how to make a change at a community level. They are a local ministry comprised of an international team and it has been our privilege to coach them as they think through their strategy as they expand across the island and begin to expand into Cuba and other Latin American countries. The next step with these network of churches is to provide leadership training using our materials.

Carlos also is part of a network of leaders throughout the country who share our values of mentoring the next generation of servant leaders. Phil was also able to spend a day with them explaining how they can use our materials to train other leaders. Each participant at this level is given a login password to our website which enables them to download the materials in their language to use with other leaders. This includes the notes, as well as PowerPoints and other Evaluation/discussion tools that we have developed. Seven key leaders and their teams were represented and we will continue to pour into them when we return to teach future workshops later this year.

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