Coaching in Southern Russia

Dear Phil and MCNet team,

In the summer Valera and I went to Voronezh [southern Russia]and we taught a series of the workshops on vision, team building and resolving conflicts with about forty-five participant. This church has gone through a leadership crisis in the last year but the situation has stabilized. In this church of about one hundred we have affirmed three main leaders who will serve the church. 

Then in September Valera went to Pyatigorsk [Caucasus region of Russia]. Here he did the MCNet workshop on Leadership Foundation. He will continue to travel once a month to this church to provide ongoing training and coaching. We are very encouraged to receive positive reports from the elders and other leaders in the church.

We have also begun a blog for those we have been helping with dating and marriage preparation. As you know, we have been using ICM’s marriage materials with married couples as well as adapting it to be used as premarital counselling and dating.

God bless,

Valera & Narina

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