Coaching Worship Teams in Russia

In November Narina and Valera facilitated a workshop for Worship leaders in St. Petersburg. This seminar was first developed and presented by Phil and his daughter, Alysia, in 2011. At that time, they had the opportunity to be in Russia to share this in the Caucasus where Narina and Valera were living and ministering at the time. Our main priority as a ministry has been to develop leadership materials and then train others to use them within their context.  So it is particularly fulfilling to see materials that have been developed years ago continue to be used to serve other.

The printed page (or electronic pdf version as all of our materials are) in the local language have a shelf life that extends far beyond the lifespan of any author or even an organization. Once local coaches have been trained they then have access and ongoing coaching as they share these materials with other leaders and train others to do the same. Thank you for participating with us all these years making it possible for us to develop these materials and then provide them free of charge to leaders in countries around the world. If you want to see any of our materials you can visit:

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