Connecting in DR

Since Phil and Nancy were in Dominican Republic in the Spring, Carlos and Raydel and their teams have continued developing their leadership network across the country. As you may recall, Raydel was first trained by the ICM team in Cuba and developed a network of training there. Earlier this year he and his family moved to DR to work with his long time friend Carlos (ministry coach with ICM’s MCNet in DR).

Their core team of “connectors” have identified small groups of leaders whom they will meet with every couple weeks for one year. They will be going through our Mentoring Guide ( as well as other materials. From these groups they will identify other key people who they will develop into facilitators. In addition, they will identify key leaders who they will teach our other workshops as well as our Coaching Guide designed to facilitate healthy leaders, teams and ministries.

Raydel explains, “The most important thing is that we want each group to produce key people who become multipliers of new groups and thus make the network multiply.” The goal is to teach and model healthy biblical servant leadership so that they can pass this on to others within their influence. This fundamental change to thinking and action is not a quick transformation but takes time. Yet this transformational process among leaders will result in renewed ministries and healthy communities of believers who will be change agents in their society.

Phil will be working with these various teams when he returns to DR later this year. Eventually we would like to see this network in DR function as a model for other countries in Latin America. Thanks for your prayers as we move forward to see this developed over the next years.

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