Creative Initiatives in LatAm

Manny was exposed to our ministry several years ago when he attended one of our leadership seminars. He has been mentored by Carlos and also translated some of our materials. Recently he has started an academy for young men (16-22) and meets with them every Saturday. Using our training materials, he is investing in these young men by teaching them the Bible as well as life skills and what it means to be a godly man. They also learn English and a basic trade to help them in their lives.

We are excited to see his passion, as well as be involved in the young men who he is mentoring in this new academy. He initial vision was to just focus on men, however as they began to talking to their friends, several women also wanted to join the program. Esperanza (who also serves with Carlos) has been using our materials to mentor young women for many years and so Manny asked her to join him and develop several women who can also help the young ladies that have joined the academy.

While our ministry focuses on the key leaders in a region or country, the real work is being done through initiatives such as this one. Identifying young leaders and then equipping them to start ministries that meet the needs of their communities is our ultimate goal. Phil had a chance to meet in person again with some of these young (and not so young) leaders who are serving within DR. While connecting via video over the last year and a half has been a short term solution, there is no substitute to be able to meet in person again and share one another’s joys and burdens. Thank you for your part in making this happen.

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