From Cuba to Latin America

We have been planting seeds in Cuba for years now, never thinking that the harvest of this effort would be realized in countries beyond this restricted island nation.

In March Phil and Nancy travelled to Dominican Republic and were able to witness the early sprouts of this new growth, which we believe will impact many nations in the region. Raydel and Mady had just arrived from Cuba and were adapting to living in DR. Together with Carlos (our ministry coach in the country) they will be equipping leaders throughout the country.

They were able to spend time with both Raydel and Mady and their family as well as with Carlos and his wife Jacqueline. As we have mentioned before, we believe in a team approach and so it was a great time to teach together with the team and deepen the relational ties that enable us to effectively serve together.

As usual, Carlos provided a full training schedule. It began with a two day consultation with his  team of “Connectors” who we are coaching to use our materials as they train and equip church teams in their country. We were also able to train a group of key pastors who share our values of servant leadership, equipping and releasing others into ministry.

A definite highlight was to be able to share with a network of young emerging leaders. As is the case in most countries, these young leaders are looking in vain for mentors. Those currently in leadership have never been mentored and so don’t know how to pass on leadership in a relational way. Often this results in threatened leaders ignoring  younger leaders (at best) or, at worst, actively holding them back. Fortunately, there are some seasoned leaders who see this clearly and open up doors for us to share with these young leaders.

As stated many times in this newsletter, the goal of our Coaching Network is to raise up a generation of leaders who have a servant heart like David rather than that of a King Saul. Regardless if it is in Latin America, Russia, China, Africa or Europe, there is a new generation of leaders who are not after the model of Saul – caring more about position and power than serving others.

They inspire us to continue as a ministry; to encourage and equip these servant leaders and provide biblical models of leadership that are sustainable and reproducible as they in turn mentor others. They do not want to continue using the authoritarian cultural models that they see around them, but are committed to practising Jesus’ model of leadership in the church.

As a supporter of this ministry you are partnering with them in helping them create a more biblical practice of leadership in the church and by extension in their communities.

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