Developing Leaders in Ukraine

Maxym and Anya continue to serve leaders through their various ministries in eastern Ukraine (following is an update of how they are doing). Several years Max introduced the ICM team to a pastor and bible school leader, Vladimir, who they have been coaching.

Now through Vlad’s contacts in western Ukraine (Lviv). Over two decades ago Phil visited this city and region together with a Canadian mission colleague. Now nearly twenty five years later it seems God is opening up a door in this region of the country. There is a network of leaders who has been exposed to our materials through Vlad and would like us to come and do some leadership training.

We anticipate that sometime in the fall of 2021, Phil will be able to join Max and Vlad as they travel to Lviv to serve leaders in this region. Thank you for your prayers as we walk through open doors. Maxym reported the following recently,

“Dear Team,

As with everyone, the virus has impacted how we do church. Our church plant of about 25 families is now a bit smaller and we are able to meet periodically, as well as our online activities. Unfortunately, not everyone has good online connections and so that is a bit of a problem in doing church completely online.

Our New Hope Mission and Center that serves families in crisis has also continued, even though about two thirds of our staff of 16 have had covid and eventually recovered, including our family.

As I am now in my late forties, one thing I have been noticing of late is that not many leaders in our country are actually thinking about ways that they can develop others. They are just focused on serving others with their gifts and not on how to help others develop their own gifts and skills to serve others.

Through the influence of Phil and the ICM team, I have seen the need to train others in order to have a sustainable ministry. So at this stage of my life I see the need to invest in those emerging leaders in their mid twenties and so that over the next ten years, as they become leaders in the church, they will be able to be the main leaders and have the values of mentoring others. We were in our mid thirties when we began to take on the main roles of leadership and so want to empower others to do the same. Since then we have developed the sixteen people that are currently on our staff.

Serving together,

Maxym and Anya”

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