Dominican Rep and Beyond

Carlos and his team (Empowering Action – EA) not only have a passion to serve in Dominican Republic (DR), but also have an effective strategy to put vision into action. Over the last few years they (team members from DR, USA, & Australia) have developed a program (Abundant Life) for churches that helps the church engage in the community and provide practical training and projects to alleviate poverty in the neighborhood. After completing this program in scores of churches, leaders have been asking them, “Now what is the next step?”

ICM has been partnering with EA to now provide our leadership training, ministry health assessments and church planting strategy to provide tools to these leaders and churches as they grow in their effectiveness in the community. This begins with motivating and mobilizing them to actively mentor the next generation of leaders as well as implement steps to realign their church to be on the mission of the Church (Matt. 28:19-20).

In addition to his role as Director of Empowering Action, Carlos is also part of our MCNet Intl as a Ministry Coach in DR. When we are in DR he gathers leaders from several of his networks in the country and we have begun to coach several dozen leaders to use our materials in their own ministry as well as in surrounding churches.

One such group is from the Buckner Ministries that focuses on addressing the needs of families and helping them learn to function as such. They are using the ICM Mentoring Guides to equip more leaders in order to increase the capacity of their ministry.

Several other key pastors in the country such as Pastor Daniel and Pastor Domingo (above) have also been in our workshops and are now providing these within their churches. It is a privilege and joy to see these materials revolutionize these leader’s ministries. As they begin to change their focus to one of developing others through mentoring relationships their ministries are also being transformed. Our bi-annual visits serve to then reinforce these principles and coach them as they use our tools to assess their progress and the ongoing effectiveness of their ministries.

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