Equipping the Next Generation in Africa

Franklin is one of the key young leaders who has been working with us in coordinating our training in Tanzania and particularly among the leadership of the university student unions. Using our mentoring Guides (www.icmcanada.org/resources)  he is mentoring several key leaders who are beginning to train other students who are serving within the Universities in Dar es Salaam.

The university ministry is an initiative of Pastor Dondo’s church and ministry in Bahari Beach near Dar es Salaam. We are also training his leadership team, as well as leaders from other ministries in the area.

The foundation of our leadership training is a biblical view of leadership which is based on Jesus’ servanthood model, rather than on a power/position approach that sadly is common in institutions in most cultures. However, our experience has been that the next generation is desirous to be mentored and learn to function and doing ministry within a team. This has led us to our focus on mentoring to help leaders grow in their capacity to mentor others and then coach them how to lead effective teams.

Franklin is using our Mentoring Guides to mentor each of the guys on his team and they in turn on spending time with a few guys as they develop their teams within each university. These are not only the next leaders of the church, but graduates from these universities become the leaders within every segment of the country from politicians to business. Training these leaders has the potential to influence the nation for generations to come.

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