From the Far East (of Russia)

[The following is a recent report from our Ministry Coach (Alexey) in Russia. Please continue to pray for the believers and churches in Russia as they face greater headwinds in spreading the Gospel: ]

It has been quite a challenging year for us and the work here in Moscow. We had a review of our programs by the governmental agencies that oversee higher education and religion and after several court hearings they arbitrarily decided we no longer fit within what was allowed. This resulted in much paperwork, paying fines and the expenditure of many other resources. Thanks for your prayers as we are now determining how to best negotiate the two laws that regulate our work (Law of Religious Freedom and Law of Education)

At the end of September Tatiana & I travelled to the Far East of Russia for the first time – Vladivostok, Ussuryisk, and Blagoveshenk (near N Korea & China). In the Far East we now have extensions in eight locations. There are about 250 students there. I taught on leadership, discipleship and mentoring in some of these places. Our plan was to have Phil share his workshop on Servant Leadership and Mentoring, however since his Russian visa was refused it was not possible for him to join us. Hopefully that will work out in the future.                 

Please greet the rest of the team,


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