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Church Planting in St. Petersburg
Valera and Narina have just started a new church plant in St. Petersburg, Russia. They are seeking to reach non-churched Russians and so have are using a more interactive format on Sundays, as well as developing new believers and new leaders using our various materials. Having the church service arranged around tables facilitates relationship building as well as applying the truths of the sermon through discussion during the service. Thank you for your prayers as they provide leadership for this new church plant, and continue to train young leaders in this region.



Faithful in Former DDR
Karl and Claudia continue to serve as pastors of a church in Magdeburg, a city rich in history and once part of DDR (E. Germany). They have been there for nearly 15 years and Karl is part of several leadership networks in the city as well as across the country. The Lord has brought church members from the nations to their small church. In addition to Germans, attendees include people from Africa, Latin America, Ukraine, and Iran.

About 20 years ago, when Phil and Nancy lived in Berlin, Karl and Phil would meet weekly to discuss the various topics in what, at the time, was the new Mentoring Guide.  Since then Karl has travelled with the team, as well as pastoring this church in Magdeburg. It was a highlight for Nancy and Phil to spend a few days with them and their four children, sharing their burdens and encourage them as they continue to serve  others in the midst of their own challenges.


Phil first met Greg at a missions conference in Canada many years ago as Greg was establishing a missions work for young people in Kisumu, Kenya. Since then Greg  has facilitated the opening of scores of youth centers in the country, helping them with leadership skills as well as vocational training. To see more of what he and his team are doing check out (Seas of Life Missions, Kenya). The following is a recent email from Greg:

Hey Phil and team,

The mentoring through intentional relationship manuals continues to bless our ministry so very much. We remain very grateful. I am now on my second round of Mentoring [Mentoring thru Intentional Relationships] with a couple of new leaders plus some that were with me before.  We also used Discipling TIR manuals [Discipling thru Intentional Relationships] for our bible study times which was so great. These are the best tools for teaching I have ever had and I love that you have done all the work and it’s only up to us mentoring or discipling to make ourselves familiar with the teachings, but not to have to compile that massive amount of helpful info.
I remain so appreciative of how you have blessed my life and ministry with such amazing, timely and relevant resources. You provide me with the most helpful stuff I am not equipped to put together myself. It’s systematic, sensible (easy to follow and facilitate) and helpful in countless ways for ministry. I am doing such a better job in leadership because of your good help.
I’m sure you are continuing to help so many people world-wide in so many ways Phil. I am grateful God brought us together.
 Abundant blessings,
 Greg & Fridah, Seas of Life Missions  Kenya, E. Africa

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