Global Forum in Latin America

Carlos and Raydel continue to provide training for the leaders in their network in Dominican Republic and Cuba. However, their vision includes providing leadership training throughout Latin America. Recently they were in Puerto Rico and Panama with leaders across region, sharing with national leaders how we can provide training for their leadership. Phil will be joining Carlos, Javier and the Cuban team in June to continue with the training in that country.

Greetings from Puerto Rico!

This weekend we were in Puerto Rico fulfilling an invitation from NALEC (National Latin Evangelical Coalition). This visit had the main purpose of knowing more closely the reality of the churches on the Island after the passage of Hurricane Mary, after losing a large percentage of their active leadership after this natural phenomenon; as well as exploring the hunger of the churches for the Word and the need to prepare new leaders in the churches and local works.

On our trip we had the opportunity to participate and introduce the K242 Network [the Latin American affiliate of MCNet Intl., which was an initiative of ICM Canada.] There was a meeting of missions and district directors of the AoG Churches who are in charge of coordinating the missionary work of the Region as well as a meeting of interdenominational leaders promoted by NALEC where we presented the program to more than 100 leaders of different churches, some of who were very interested and open to continue walking in a relationship with K242 and to examine more thoroughly the tools that we offer in the area of leadership development.

In addition to these activities, we had other meetings with pastors the capital and with the City to City representative, who asked K242 [MCNet] to join in a fellowship relationship in the training of their planters in the Caribbean, Latin America and Florida. We ask everyone to pray that God will prosper in his will and his time the extension of K242 to this beautiful and needed Caribbean Island for the benefit of the Church of Christ. Raydel

Greetings from Panama City!

I sent this email to inform you of what happened this week in Panama where our Network of Mentoring and Discipleship was invited to a global forum of leaders in Latin America.

In this event, where about 100 key leaders from various evangelical networks of Latin America met, we had the opportunity to present our experience, values and the tools with which we are able to contribute to the development of leadership in the local Church.

Many leaders have been interested in what we do and we ask you to please pray for God to guide us towards those who share our vision of the development of leaders and would like to walk together in the K242 Network.

Thank you for being part of what happened today.                            Raydel

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