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In the task of leadership development there is often lots of sowing with results not visible for some time. The greater the need for change from deep seated (and faulty) perspectives and even misplaced theology, the more difficult and time consuming this change can become. There is no one simple formula to determine if real life transformation has occurred, for by its very nature, it does not just happen in a few weeks or months.

K2.4.2 is a network of leadership development that has been expanding in the Dominican Rep. The key catalyst for this model is Raydel, who received ICM’s leadership training in Cuba several years ago. He then became a coach with our Ministry Coaching Network (MCNet) in Cuba and began training others there.

Just over a year ago he was invited by Carlos to the Dominican Republic and initiated the K2.4.2 network in order to facilitate leadership development.  He began a year ago by mentoring a few key leaders and establishing five small groups. They met regularly to learn how to study the Bible for themselves and go over the personal and leadership development material in our Mentoring Guide.

In the Spring of this year, about 100 participants from this group completed the Mentoring Guide 1. From these 100, about thirty were selected who wanted to continue in developing as leaders. They have since been working through the Mentoring Guide 2. Together these two Guides address issues of personal development as well as leadership development.

Raydel’s core team of about 10 leaders is now mentoring others who facilitate the five training centers which are lead by those thirty leaders who have gone through Guide 2. One year later there are now nearly 900 participating in the training. And while this numerical growth is exciting, the real benefit is seeing these leader’s lives and ministries transformed; teaching the Word (rather than their own ideas) and being servant leaders within their sphere of influence (rather than top-down, controlling leaders).

From the many leaders, one such example is Raphael who confessed that after many years as a pastor he did not know how to study the Word for himself and teach others.

Through this process he has learned to get into the Word himself and has even apologized to this congregation for not teaching them the Word. Raphael is also now working on mentoring those leaders of like vision in his congregation and seeing a change in the values of the church from legalism to a biblical focus. He is a key leader in opening up new centers and expanding the training to many others.

Carlos regularly travels to Cuba (as he has for many years) to be the catalyst for the development of five leadership training centers in this country also. This is building upon the network which Raydel began when he lived there. ICM has been working in Cuba for nearly ten years and so it is fulfilling for us to see these seeds that were sown with Raydel and Javier now bearing fruit.

A more recent development is the expansion of the training into Haiti, on the other side of island of Dominican Rep. Several  leaders have been identified and initial training is being initiated. Some of ICM’s materials are already translated into French, but we are now looking at translating all of our leadership materials in French. Thank you for your prayers and support, if you would like to specifically support this project, the budget is approximately $5000.

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