Leadership Training in Myanmar

Burmese Pastor – The following report was sent by a pastor who attended our leadership training in Myanmar in 2014 (see Nov-Dec Update). We provide participants with materials and encourage them to use them to equip other leaders. The workshop is the place to share these principles and see who connects with them. However, our real goal is to see who are those who will train others afterwards. The following is an exciting account of one such leaders who did just that.

Dear Dr.Phil

Yes, we were so blessed by your training and it has a great impact to my church and partners in the provinces. My most motivation in training others is simple, I just want to develop others to succeed in their ministry. This is one of my emphasis in the ministry, because without this mindset no one will be a success in life; we cannot do ministry alone. We need each other. We did three leadership training sessions after we finished our training with you. I used the manual book you gave us. I know other leaders and Pastors have also benefited from the seminar.

 Yesterday I came back from C— State (in the far north of the country) where we did two days of training. After that I came down to K—– where we did one day of training and ministered on Sunday in two churches. This was a wonderful time of seeing other leaders doing well in their ministry. We were just an encouragement for them as well as affirming what they are doing for the LORD.

I grew up in C— State therefore my passion is to train these church leaders in C— State, as the church is very weak and often just religious. Once we release them into their potential we know that there will be changes in the church community.

 Thank you very much for investing in us and imparting to us.

Brother M.  Yangon, Myanmar

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