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It seems that we are seeing more and more marriage in crisis in every country in which we serve. Last year the Jeskes were able to spend time with couples in Ukraine as they taught their marriage seminar for leaders (The First Team). Phil will be returning and following up with these couples in May. In March, Doug and Rebecca will be joining Phil and Nancy as they do a marriage workshop in Dominican Republic.

The divorce rate and cases of infidelity within the church is rather astounding. The main purpose of the upcoming marriage workshop will be to equip 10-15 couples in the use of our materials so that they will be able to then help other couples throughout the country. Thank you for your prayers as we serve these couples to strengthen their marriage relationship. If you would be interested in a free PDF copy of our marriage material for your own use, just send us an email (

In April Phil was scheduled to be in Russia to be with our coaches there (Alexei and Tatiana & Valera and Narina), but was again refused a visa. This was likely due to the proximity of the Russian elections and recently all evangelicals with buildings have been checked and questioned regarding foreigners. In May Phil will still be with Maxym and Anya in Ukraine to do some training and will be joined by Nancy in Germany to be with Karl and Claudia and young emerging leaders in Europe. Please continue to pray for the church in Russia, Ukraine, and the rest of E. Europe.

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