Mentoring in Cuba

Pastor Alberto is a colleague of Javier, our ministry coach in Cuba. He continues to be mentored my Javier and recently wrote the following update regarding his developing ministry network.IMG_5387 sm

Dear brother Felipe (Phil),
I hope you are in good as well as his family. I give many thanks to God for his ministry because it has helped me to have a defined philosophy of ministry in my life. Currently I am teaching your course on Mentoring in different locations with very good results. God is opening many doors for me to take this ministry to various  churches within different denominations in our country.

I’m thinking of doing two national meetings of Mentoring in the year in my church and if God continues to use me in this way I hope within a year to devote full time to this ministry that I love so much. Thanks for all your help, I met you. If their chances would like to send me e-mail from other pastors in different countries working with Mentoring I would relate to them and exchange experiences. Perhaps we could¬† organize a meeting in our church with all the Pastors to exchange experiences.

In Christ,

Pastor Alberto

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