Mentoring Rehab Leaders

Tatiana (MCNet Russia) – Dealing with those with addictions is a huge opportunity for the Russian church. There are many in the society who have been entangled by the snares of alcoholism and drugs. Only through the reality of Christ living within and accountable relationships are they able to break free and live new lives. Evangelical churches have virtually the only effective rehab ministries in the country.

One of the ministries of Alexey and Tatiana is to provide training to those leading these rehab centers. In June Tatiana convened a training conference of these leaders, which will take place four times per year. Using the resources and basic framework of the ICM Mentoring Guide, she has designed a program that enables these leaders to grow personally so that they in turn can lead these centers more effectively.

Tatiana writes the following:

The Mentoring material provides a great way to develop a person spiritually. The structure of the mentoring deals with the key questions of personal upbringing while a Christian is getting involved in the ministry of the church. It starts with the person himself, the part often missed both in the theological training and leadership courses, focused on the practical skills. This part is always greatly appreciated by young leaders often struggling with ministry identity issues. This first part gives a foundation to the whole material, helping a person to form spiritual attitudes first, which are then reflected in how they do ministry. I consider this approach as a great way to form mature leaders. 

Therefore, in writing the program for the leaders of rehab centers I took the same approach. The four sessions are followed the chapters of the Mentoring Guide: Leader in the sight of God; Leader as disciple of Christ, Leadership skills; Servant Leadership. So far we have only covered one section and these leaders were surprised to discover that the focus of the training was to help them first, not on how to help others. The response was good and many found answers for their questions.

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