Ministry in Tanzania

Due to the pandemic it has been two years since Phil and Rafik have been able to encourage and train leaders in Tanzania in person. In September of this year they have been invited to return and continue the training and encourage those who have been using the MCNet materials to mentor young leaders during the last couple years. Phil will also be introducing the new Competency Based Mentorship program (MCNet Christian Leadership Institute) with various leadership groups.

They will also spend some time with the Kamau’s, who Phil first served with in Kenya in 1990 when the Jeskes lived in Africa. James and Mary have spent the last twenty years as Kenyan missionaries to Tanzania and have established a training seminary as well as various other ministries. Recently, James has had opportunity to spend time with the Maasi people and several communities of faith have been established. He writes, “We have planted three faith communities in three different  villages. Pray with us as we seek to plant more such communities of faith in different Maasi villages in the coastal region of Tanzania.” There are very few Maasi men in the churches and so they are specifically focussing on the men,  for when a Maasi man comes to faith, his whole household usually joins him.

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