Modern Day Tax Collector…

As a result of Rafik and Phil’s last ministry trip to Tanzania, a mentoring cohort from Africa was established that now meets online twice a month. Phil and Rafik hosts this video meeting which discusses the leadership materials based upon the new ICM/MCNet’s competency based ministerial training  (MCNet Christian Leadership Institute).

Pastor Fovo is one of the participants and is a pastor of a church in the Dar es Salaam area. He came to Christ when he was in his late forties and now some twenty years later is still hungry to grow in his personal life as well as a leader.

He was first employed in the civil service of Tanzania as a teacher and then in the tax department. Particularly at this time of year, not too many of us like the tax collector but from his testimony it is clear he was the exception to the stereotypical tax collector. In a discussion focussing on God’s leading in our calling and character development as a leader he shared the following:

 “I had my share of taking kickbacks. I know the sweet and bitter parts of it, in particular the moral guilty consciousness. I was not on the most notorious side of the list, we had real crooked tax collector colleagues  who made lots of money through corrupt means. But when I received the Lord everything changed. Corrupt colleagues would not want to work with me, neither propose me for positions of leadership. However, I was given a managerial post and had to bear untrue accusations, because my subordinates regarded me as a stumbling block to their evil schemes. Conspiring with officials of higher levels they tried to remove me from that position but failed. It is from this background that I am passionate to learn methodical and structured ways of becoming a tool of molding others while am myself being molded through mentor – mentoree relationships

It is such a privilege to share the journey with quality leaders such as Pastor Favo. Thank you for your partnership with us enabling us to provide these materials to leaders throughout the world who desire to grow and then pass on what they have learned to others.

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