New Wineskins in Canada

Doug Friesen, (MCNet Canada) – For nearly fifteen years my wife (Rebecca) and I have been working with Phil Jeske and ICM Canada. Our emphasis is on developing leaders in different areas of the world through mentoring and coaching. Over the last few years this ministry has developed into an International Coaching Network (MCNet) as leaders in various countries have embraced the values that unite and motivate us.

As MCNet established footholds in various locations we believed that it was time to start MCNet Canada to assist Canadian church and ministry leaders increase their effectiveness within our own context. We have started a society in Canada which will provide a framework that will facilitate the equipping and coaching for leaders of a variety of ministries including churches and focussed outreaches. Our hope is to grow a network based organization that is sensitive to the changing cultural context of Canada while remaining true to the unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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