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To see a short greeting from Alexander go to  Cheropovets is about 500 Km north of Moscow, not quite the end of the world, but if you look really hard you can see it from there! Phil and Alexey, as well as other members of the team have visited this region multiple times over the last few years. Alexey travels there from Moscow a couple times a year to provide ongoing coaching for the leadership team.

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I visited pastor Alexander and the Cherepovets church at the end of March, which we have visited together many times. The church is doing well. We had a leadership meeting, discussing roles of different people on the team of the church. Each shared what would be helpful from others for their ministry and how others may support and cooperate with them.

Over the last half a year the church made a decision to relocate as they cannot expand where they are at. They bought some land near the rehab center and are planning to build there. Alexander and Luda have also sold their apartment and moved out to this part of town also. Besides the church in Cherepovets Alexander overseers several small churches and groups located within 600 km from the city and its great to see him involve people from the church in this work. Point of prayer includeYou can pray for building construction, further development of ministry to children, teenagers and youth which they see as key emphasis for the church now.

To see a short greeting from Alexander go to


Ministry Coach, Russia

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