Partnership with K242 in Latin America/Caribbean

Raydel provides an update on the K242 ministry in the Caribbean (referring to the koinonia in Acts 2:42). While it has been difficult for the team to get to Cuba and other Latin American countries in 2020, they continue to see growth in the Dominican Republic. In spite of the challenges, there was growth in 2020, God continues to prepare us for the day when we will be able to expand into other Caribbean and Latin American countries.

He writes,

“Certainly this year has brought us a “non-ordinary” reality, where so many are experiencing loss, scarcity and constraints on resources and labor these past months. We have especially seen with great concern the effect of this reality on Christ’s Church throughout the world and especially in our country. However, at the end of the year we, in a spirit of humility and wonder, can do nothing but say like the prophet Samuel after victory: “So far the Lord helped us”.

Last year we were able to see the results of the time and the resources invested in developing leaders and churches with which we have fellowship, in previous years we shared with them the tools which now they use in the work of keeping alive and nourishing the faith of 208 churches, we enjoy to begin to see the fruits of the work of faith and the work of love planted through our ministry.

The Word of God has run and multiplied in the midst of the pandemic in the Dominican Republic; the conferences, topics, meditations and studies, have been widely used by approximately 250 leaders participating in the three levels of training of the program in their congregations, both in virtual and face-to-face trainings according to the context imposed on them.

A little more than 180 pastors already have in their hands a new arsenal of resources for when they reach this “new normal” in order to care for and feed their congregations and take care of the flock that have been entrusted to them by the Lord. We have been surprised by God, seeing how the number of brothers studying the Bible through our workshops and training has grown from 2,188 at the beginning of last year to 2,322 students by the end of the year.

 God’s grace has surprised us last year by breaking our expectations completely and reaching the number of 174 training groups across the country. Finally, throughout 2020 the initial group of 6 coaches with whom we started the year has multiplied to 3 groups of regional connectors to form an average of 12 local facilitators per region who are being trained as coaches to open new groups and reach new congregations in 2021 in the central, northern and eastern region of the country.

So not only have we seen churches strengthened and multiplied in the Word in the Dominican Republic, but also now we have a stronger structure and more mature leaders who will continue to provide us with a safer platform for work in Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico and other Latin American countries when the Lord’ will lead us to do so.

Our beloved brethren we make you partakers of these blessings because you have played an essential role in supporting us and you have been God’s instruments in order to bring these realities before our eyes. Please receive our prayers of thanksgivings and sacrifices of praise to God for you (Hebrews 13:13-16) who, despite their own difficulties, have participated with us in the work God has done in 2020 through K242.

We praise the Lord because you are part of this team that pursues the Glory of God in what He does and works primarily for the extension of His Kingdom in our region. To Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen (1 Peter 5:11)”


Network Coach

ICM/MCNet Intl.

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