Releasing Leaders in Russia

Valera/Narina, Alexey/Tatiana, (MCNet Russia) – Valera & Narina and Alexey & Tatiana continue to equip leaders within their particular ministries in Russia. As part of the MCNet they are also sharing these values beyond their own denominations and groups.

Southern Russia

Valera and Narina minister within a group of church in the North Caucasus region of southern Russia. They have been instrumental in mentoring many young leaders and seeing these 20somethings mentor other emerging leaders. Under their leadership a culture of mentoring has developed within their fellowship of churches. They shared the following report as to how they continue to do this starting with young teens. Working with these youth in this way is still somewhat unusual in Russia, but they continue to see the results of investing in the next generation.

Hi Phil,

We just came back from a retreat in the mountains, where we spent three days with 7 teenagers (ages 12-14). This is a new group we are intentionally developing as future youth leaders.
We began with the basics of character, spiritual disciplines, sharing your faith and principles of servant leadership as we learned from you. We will then begin to take them through your Mentoring manual. They will begin to be involved in the younger teenage club where they will be able to put into practice all the skills of leadership that they are developing.

Moscow Region:

Alexey and Tatiana serve in various ministries in the Moscow area. They sent the following:

 Last weekend I (Alexey) was in Cheropovets (500Km north of Moscow where we have been doing training for several years). I reinforced the importance of mentoring and releasing other leaders in the church, Just as we have taught them together over the last few years. The new pastor, Alexander, that was put in place is doing well and I spent a day with him as well as sharing with his team about vision. They are doing good and the people feel safe after the turmoil of transitions over the last years. Now they are in the process of clarifying who is on their core team.

Their other main problem is that their location is completely full and I began to help them discuss what are some of the options for them to look for solutions. I reminded them about the principles in the workshop, Change Dynamics, so that they can help lead the church through these changes.

 Tatiana also presented the need for mentoring and some of our other values as MCNet with leaders of one of our groups of church in our Union. They are based in Ivanova about 300 km from Moscow. One of the leaders there asked us Tatiana to teach his pastors about Team Building. She also passed on some Mentoring Manuals to the leader so that he can find a young leader and begin to mentor him. Perhaps in the new year you could join us and do some workshops with them.

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