Road to Guatemala

We have had many invitations to train leaders in other Latin American countries, and for the couple years Raydel has been trying to travel from Dominican Rep., but with his Cuban passport this was not possible. What he needed to do was to get his Canadian visa in his passport stamped in Canada in order to be able to transit to other Latin American countries. Earlier this year he was able to come to Canada for a weekend to accomplish this. He has since been able to respond to the invitation from leaders in Guatemala for an introduction of how they could help train their leaders.

Recently he wrote, “…We went to Guatemala a month ago and it was a very good time as we started with the first group of our Network there. Other doors are also opening to us and we will most likely be in Mexico and Nicaragua later this year. As with the Macedonian call to Paul, it seems that Central America is asking us to “Come over and help us!” We are praying for the resources so that we will be able to respond and be available to bring this training in these countries.”

While the pandemic put a pause on some of these plans, we are now encouraged about the opportunity to facilitate leadership training in the various countries of Latin America/Caribbean. Carlos, Raydel and their team have established the training in Dom. Rep. as well as Cuba and are now able to expand the Ministry Coaching Network (MCNet) in various countries.

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