Training Leaders in Germany

Recently, Karl (who pastors in Magdeburg, Germany and teaches on mentoring and leadership within the Intl MCNet family) co-taught a course at a German seminary with Alexey. Alexey was to join him in person, but due to the war was not able to secure a visa for Europe. For the first week they did a hybrid approach teaching the course via video link with Karl in Germany and Alexey from Moscow and then the second week Karl was able to be in person with the class.

As an international team we have learned over the years to not attribute the actions of a leader(s) to those from that nation with whom we work. Having a Kingdom perspective means that we as the body of Christ stay unified regardless of our nationalities and in the face of the decisions leaders of those earthly nations may make. Ultimately, we are citizens of heaven. So please remember to pray for our Russian team members who are also now facing their own challenges as officials seek to constrict the freedoms on the Church and their ability to serve in their community as believers.

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