Hockey Player Philosophy

Dr. Phil – Paul Henderson (a bit of a Canadian hockey hero from Canada-Russia series in 1972), commenting on what it takes to succeed, said: Start Small, Think Big, Go Deep, Finish Well. As we wrap up 2014 and look to 2015, I have been giving more thought to this simple phrase. I have not heard his commentary on this (if he has one), but let me offer you mine.

Start Small – To me this refers to our motivation. Are we willing to do what is in front of us, even if it is not glamorous; doing the right things regardless of the outcome. All endeavors has a beginning and it is important that they start with the right heart motivation.

Think Big – Even though we start small, it does not mean that we cannot dream big. The difference is not relying on our own strength or our dreams, but rather wait for God’s timing to make it happen; starting small but thinking big.

Go Deep – While we usually cannot determine our level of influence, what we can control is the “how” of what we do. If it is all about us and getting recognition, we often will not take the time to build a foundation and do the hard work that others are not willing to do. What it takes to be a person of inner depth is seldom seen by others and what it takes to help others go deep takes faithfulness and a willingness to play the long game.

Finish Well – This is actually the culmination of the previous three. We can only fulfill our purpose on this earth as we have the right motivation while not losing our dream, yet realizing that to reach this goal we have to be faithful to do the right things, even when unseen. Only then will we finish well.

Just a few simple thoughts from a hockey player, to wrap up this year. Thank you for your commitment to partner with us as we go deep in training leaders. One day we will see the fruit of our efforts, as we faithfully do our part. Join us as we invest in a movement of servant leaders. It would be great to have you part of the team – finishing well together.

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