MCNet Movement

MCNet is a global community of coaches that Coach Ministry teams
that Mentor Servant Leaders who Reproduce Healthy Churches.

The Ministry Coaching Network (MCNet) is a movement that was initiated by ICM Canada. It is a movement of like minded leaders who share similar vision, values, and strategy to equip the next generation of leaders. It is committed to coaching ministry teams that will mentor servant leaders who will then be able to reproduce healthy ministries, in every region we serve.

As a ministry that has been engaged in leadership training for several decades, it has been our experience that we are still trying to catch up to the great need for equipped leaders. However, it has also been our experience that, even in the evangelical church, we have taken models of leadership from the societal institutions around us rather than Jesus’ model of servant leadership. This has led us to unhealthy leadership and consequently unhealthy ministries and churches that are not sustainable and reproducible.

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We believe that in order to have a ministry that can be reproducible and growing, it must be healthy. In order for it to be healthy is must have healthy teams and healthy teams are only possible if the leaders are healthy. And the model for reproducing healthy servant leaders is the process of relational mentoring. It is our deficiency in doing this that has led to top-down, power-based leadership in the church and Christian ministries and since this is a worldly model, it does not produce life which is reproducible.

Our goal is to equip servant leaders to reproduce healthy leadership through the process of mentoring and then coach teams who will be able to evaluate the health of their ministry and guide them through the changes that may be necessary. As the leaders go, so go the institutions, and as the institutions go, so goes a nation.

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