Discipling thru Intentional Relationships – Guide 2


Douglas E. Friesen
Phillip T. Jeske (PhD)

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If you are a new follower of Jesus and want to grow in your new journey, or if you have been looking for a tool to help you disciple someone, you’ll find this Guide helpful.This second of two guides covers topics such as a deeper understanding of God as your Father, Christ in you, and the Spirit, as well as more life disciplines and understanding your function in the Body and purpose in God’s Mission. This Resource is unique in that it is intended to be discussed within the context of a discipleship relationship which will take at least six months to complete.


What Others are Saying

Discipling thru Intentional Relationships is a very helpful tool for all those who are going to fulfill the Great  Commission – the call to make disciples. This guide is the answer to the question, “How do we do that?”  
Valera/Narina Kudaev, Teachers/Ministry Coaches, Russia

This new material. . . will be a vital tool that will result in much greater levels of growth and maturity. I commend you on your radical dedication to making disciples of all nations.
Jim Argue, Founder/President, Genesis Discipleship Training Center, USA

What Friesen and Jeske add is simplicity, practicality, and an international flavor. . .What sets this material apart from other discipleship programs is the emphasis on a personal connection between the discipler and learner. . .    
Don Krause, Pastor and Mentor,   CMA, Canada

. . . this Guide can be easily used cross culturally and cross denominationally. I am really thankful to Doug and Phil for their efforts in putting this material together and for helping the Church of today to focus on developing not just programs, but people – from new converts to church leaders.
Maxym Oliferovski, Church Planter,    Multiply Ukraine, Eastern Europe

This foundational material puts the emphasis on an approach to helping people grow as a believer, not through programs and information, but through intentional personal relationships – and it is this that makes this material such an innovative resource.         
Matthew S. Todd, DMin,   MB Pastor/Teacher & Author, Canada

We live in an age of quick conversion and shallow spiritual depth. This book by Friesen and Jeske is fresh rain on dry soil. I highly recommend it to a generation that needs to rediscover the call of Jesus to “make disciples of all nations.”
Dr. Phil Walker, President Emeritus, ICM USA

About the Manual

Discipling thru Intentional Relationships is not a book about discipleship, but a resource to help someone guide the personal growth of a recent follower of Jesus. The mandate of Matthew 28:19 for the Body of Christ has not changed in two thousand years – to make disciples. Unfortunately, this has often been reduced to passing on information or teaching a particular doctrinal belief system. This material takes a different approach based on the discipling relationship model that was central to Jesus’ ministry. If you are a new follower of Jesus and want to grow in your new journey, or if you have been looking for a tool to help you disciple someone, you’ll find this Guide helpful.

Discipling thru Intentional Relationships – Guide 2 is the second of two Guides. It continues the discipleship journey by providing a deeper understanding of the themes discussed in Guide 1. It begins with a more extensive discussion into the relationship of the new believer with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. A more detailed study of God’s Word is then included as well as additional life disciples necessary to walk the life of faith. The new believer will also study more about the Body of Christ and discover their role within the Church, in light of their gifts and abilities. Finally, God’s mission on this earth is explained and how each disciple of Jesus can participate with him.

This Resource is unique in that it is intended to be discussed within the context of a discipleship relationship. Covering a chapter per month will take six months to go through this guide. If participants have not completed Guide 1 it is recommended that they begin there, as the principles of Guide 2 build upon what was discussed in the first guide. Together they can provide the context of a one year intentional discipling relationship.

The Authors

Doug Friesen is a pastor, teacher, church planter, mentor, ministry coach, and director of CLIMB, an organization that facilitates innovative ministries in Canada. Phil Jeske (PhD) is a missionary teacher, author, ministry coach and president of ICM, an international mission organization.  They are both specialists in their field of leadership development and travel internationally coaching teams within the Ministry Coaching Network (MCNet). They have a passion to mentor the next generation of servant leaders and help ministry teams start innovative ministries that will impact their nations. Both they and their wives  live near Vancouver, Canada with their grown children and grandchildren


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