Mentoring thru Intentional Relationships – Guide 2


Phillip T. Jeske (PhD)

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Guide 2 is designed as a follow up for those who have completed Guide 1 and want to continue to grow in the leadership capacity. Thousands of leaders around the world have used this Guide to mentor emerging leaders. In addition to an extensive chapter introducing mentoring principles, there are six chapters covering the themes of the fundamentals of biblical leadership, the skills necessary to grow as a leader, and how to mentor other leaders, then principles of ministry such as motivation and assessing the mentoree’s potential kingdom contribution. On its own or together with Guide 1, this practical tool will help you be a better mentor and leave a legacy.


What Others are Saying

Dr. Phil Jeske’s course on mentoring is one of the best materials I have ever come across. It helps not only build strong relationships on the right biblical foundation, but enables future leaders to understand their character, to find their place in the Body of Christ, and to have a long range perspective.                                                                                        Pastor Valera Selezneva,    Founder/Overseer Family of Churches, Russia

This is a proven, cross-cultural model of leadership development that comes with lots of practical experience. It is not a book that increases the stress (i.e.“I should be doing this!”) but instead eliminates this pressure by creating a framework whereby the material can be worked through step by step with others.                                                               Axel Nehlsen, Director, Intercity Christian Network, Together for Berlin, Germany

 Mentoring Thru Intentional Relationships has been the best resource for putting the concept of mentoring into action. It has changed the way we relate to developing leaders and pastors. We highly recommend it as a practical guide for people who are serious about investing in the lives of others in a meaningful way.                                                                      Doug & Rebecca Friesen,  Pastors/Ministry Coaches, MCNet Canada

 Regardless of how often Phil teaches on the subject of mentoring, he is able to keep it fresh and alive. He ministers from his life experiences and biblical convictions by conveying to his listeners his passion to reach to believers around the world and provide a model that will help train the next generation of leaders. This new edition will assist you in modeling spiritual growth and development with those who you mentor.                                                                                                                              Gary Cooper, Missionary/Teacher  Living Word Mission, Europe

The self-reflection that can result from Mentoring thru Intentional Relationships is a powerful growth experience and gives new insights about oneself. It provides an opportunity for renewal and regeneration – it a special transformation gift.                                                                                                                                 Deodatus Mwamba, Missionary/Teacher    MCNet, West Africa

About the Manual

Mentoring thru Intentional Relationships – Guide 2 is the second of two Guides (200 pages each). It continues the mentoring journey begun in Guide 1 by discussing six key areas related to helping someone increase their leadership effectiveness. Each of the two Sections, which view the emerging leader as a LEADER and a MINISTER, have three chapters. In the first section, the fundamentals of biblical leadership, the skills necessary to grow as a leader, and how to mentor other leaders, are discussed. In the second section, the various components of this Mentoring thru Intentional Relationships model are combined to help the mentoree identify their potential kingdom contribution. These include helping to evaluate one’s motivation for service, understanding God’s heart to reach all peoples, and then how to take the necessary steps in order to partner with God in fulfilling his purposes in their lives.

Leadership and ministry is based upon personal and spiritual foundations, which is why Guide 2 builds upon the first Guide. Those who have not completed Guide 1 will find it helpful to do so before they continue with Guide 2. This Guide will then not only equip you to be an effective leader, but will also provide you with the necessary tools to becoming an effective mentor of others.

Mentoring thru Intentional Relationships is a resource that thousands on several continents have used since it was first published in 2003. It has been translated into several languages and leaders have been equipped, developed, and released for service as they have been mentored using this resource. In a recent book (Mentoring Intelligence, 2011), Dr. Jeske examines the barriers to mentoring and why, for all the discussion regarding mentoring, there remains a leadership crisis in the Church around the world. However, this Guide is not so much a book about mentoring, but rather a tool to help you engage in the mentoring process. This 10th year anniversary edition has been expanded into two guides which include new evaluation tools, more resources, as well as a new Introduction to Mentoring

The Author

Phil Jeske (PhD) has become a specialist in the field of equipping others to develop leaders through the process of mentoring. He and his team travel extensively serving leaders and churches around the world as cross-cultural ministry coaches and consultants. Together with his wife and daughter he has lived in Africa and Europe. They and their adult daughter currently reside near Vancouver, Canada.


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