Most of our materials (with some exceptions) are available in to be downloaded in PDF format in English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, and Chinese (Mandarin). English versions may also be purchased as printed copies, but these are all shipped from Canada and so international shipping fees apply.

English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, German, French

Evaluation Tools

Leadership Health

  • Character Assessment
  • Gifts Survey Package
  • Personal Calling (Values/Purpose/Vision) Survey
  • Personal TimeLine
  • Servant Leadership Assessment
  • Relational Health Survey (Leadership)
  • Mentoring Intelligence Assessment (Leadership)
  • Leadership Healthy Package (all above assessments)

Team/Ministry Health

  • Team Building Checklist
  • Relational Health Survey (Organization)
  • Mentoring Intelligence Assessment (Organization)
  • Ministry Flow Chart (take from Guide 2)
  • CHEA – Church Health & Effectiveness Assessment
  • CPLC – Church Planters & Leaders Competency Assessment
  • Team Health Package (all above assessments)

MCNet Workshops/Powerpoints

Developing Others 1
Developing Others 1 PowerPoint
Developing Others 1 Combo

Leadership Foundations
Leadership Foundations PowerPoint
Leadership Foundations Combo

Developing Others 2
Developing Others 2 PowerPoint
Developing Others 2 Combo

Team Building
Team Building PowerPoint
Team BuildingCombo

Change Dynamics
Change Dynamics PowerPoint
Change Dynamics Combo

Biblical Foundations
Biblical Foundations PowerPoint
Biblical Foundations Combo

Global Strategies
Global Strategies PowerPoint
Global Strategies Combo

Local Strategies
Local Strategies PowerPoint
Local Strategies Combo


  • Mentoring thru Intentional Relationships – Guide 1
  • Mentoring thru Intentional Relationships – Guide 2
  • Coaching Guide
  • The First Team
  • Worship Teams


  • Mentoring Intelligence
  • Mentoring Intelligence, Workbook
  • Roads Less Travelled