Ministry Coaching Network Values

MCNet is a movement of like minded leaders initiated by ICM Canada. Each Network  Coach and regional organization they represent share the similar vision, values, and strategy to equip the next generation of leaders. It is a global community of leaders committed to coaching ministry teams that will mentor servant leaders who will then be able to reproduce healthy ministries. Using ICM Canada’s Leadership Development materials they:

  • Help local churches identify and train leaders to be commissioned to plant new churches
  • Provide ongoing coaching to leaders of new ministries
  • Help ministries evaluate their health  and effectiveness through consultation and assessment
  • Help ministries plan strategically for multiplication

The core values of those in the Network are:

  • Servant Leadership – leadership reproduction only can happen within context of this kind of leadership
  • Mentoring Relationships – the most effective way to reproduce servant leaders for the Body
  • Team Approach – a tangible model of servant leadership in action providing mutual accountability
  • Unity Emphasis – a Kingdom rather than a denominational focus around the core of the Gospel
  • Catalytic Influence – rather than power and position Christian leaders serve by equipping and releasing


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