More than a Certificate

In November of last year Phil and Doug were able to visit some of the groups in the K2.4.2 network that Raydel has been training. The K2.4.2 ministry (which stands for koinonia from Acts 2:42) is the leadership network that Carlos and Raydel have initiated in DR. In April they will graduate nearly 100 participants that have completed the first six chapters of our Mentoring Guide over the last six months. This has provided them the opportunity to discuss issues relating to their personality style, their giftings, their life time line, as well as learning to apply the spiritual disciplines in their lives as emerging leaders and discussing issues regarding their attitude towards money, sexuality and power (the three major challenges of leadership).

In March Phil was also able to spend a couple days to coach some of the leaders in Carlos’ other ministry networks. As these leaders interact with the Scripture and see the biblical model of leadership, the contrast in what they have learned and experienced in their culture and even the church is quite evident. While transformational change does not happen overnight, as has been our experience in other countries, it is possible for those willing to change.

Now that the initial intake of the K2.4.2 groups is through the first six chapters, those who want to continue to change and grow as leaders are invited to continue with the final six chapters of the Mentoring Guide. The focus on these chapters is on servant leadership, growing as a leader, and discovering God’s place for them in the body. From this group, individuals will be identified who will then begin to mentor others and start their own groups. It is this model that Carlos, Phil and Javier will be launching in C— in the coming weeks.

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