Making Disciples or Making Converts

The Evangelical Association of Dominican Rep. invited Dr. Phil to do a workshop and plenary speaker at their September National Summit Leadership Conference. This was a great opportunity to invest in several hundred key leaders on the island.

In his plenary session Phil shared from Matt. 28:19-20 regarding the mandate to “make disciples.” Using various slides to show the incredible growth in Latin American among the evangelical, he posed the questions, “Have we been making converts or making disciples?” Of course this is a critical question as just making converts who do not become disciples of Jesus results in a cultural Christianity that has no power to change lives from the inside out. The end result is a form or godliness while denying the very power of the Good News message.

Together with Carlos they were able to offer ICM’s resources in Spanish. Both the Discipling thru Intentional Relationship Guides, which helps all believers become disciples of Jesus, as well as the Mentoring thru Intentional Relationships which focuses on helping disciples of Jesus discover their God given purpose on this earth.

As you can see from the included diagrams (provided by Patrick Johnstone, Operation World) Latin American Evangelicalism has grown tremendously in the last hundred years. Many leaders in the region believe that while there have been many converts, there have been fewer disciples. This is our motivation as a ministry to train leaders who will be equipped to mentor many more who will focus on making disciples.

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