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Deo Mwamba & Dr. Phil, (MCNet Coaches) – Senegal is 98% Muslim, nominal Islam overlaying animism. While there has been a Christian presence for nearly 100 years, it has been mostly of French heritage. Since the church in the Francophone world is not strong, the church in Senegal has historically not been strong. Most of the pastors of the churches in Dakar are from other African countries (Congo, Nigeria, Cameron, Liberia, etc). While it is encouraging that other African leaders have come to Senegal to serve, for long term sustainability there is a need for the Senegalese church to develop its own leaders so that it can be a witness in its own context.

The ministry of ICM first began in East Africa in the late 1980s, training pastors and church leaders in various inservice formats. There is also a great need in French speaking countries in Africa, most of which are in West Africa. While the predominate news out of West Africa this year has been the tragedy and fear associated with the Ebola outbreak, it is not all bad news out of Africa. In spite of the Ebola outbreak Phi l joined Deo Mwamba in Dakar, Senegal to launch our Ministry Coaching Network (MCNet) in Francophone Africa.

Before coming to Christ in the late 1990s Deo Mwamba was a top Muslim Imam in Africa. His background makes him uniquely suited to ministry in a country such as Senegal. On a previous trip in March, Deo made preparations for this September launch and gathered the key leaders in the city. Deo is our Ministry Coach for Francophone Africa, which means he is raising up others who will mentor leaders and coach ministry teams using our leadership materials.

There are not as many good leadership materials in French as in English and so the leaders are very appreciative of having access to our materials to train others. Continue to pray for Deo Mwamba as he travels to Francophone Africa to train leaders. If you would like to support his ongoing ministry or donate towards the translation and printing of the needed materials in French for this region, please use the form on page four.

At the last conference in September, several pastors from surrounding countries also attended the workshops. The focus was on equipping them as mentors so that they can develop others leaders in their community and ministry. Following is one’s leaders story of the consequences of incomplete leadership development.

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